Yale Athletics

This weekend, Yale’s men’s (4–1, 1–1 Ivy) and women’s (3-2, 1-1 Ivy) squash teams resumed play for the first time since the winter break. 

The Bulldogs played Harvard University at home on Friday at the Brady Squash Center before traveling to Hanover to compete against Dartmouth College on Sunday. 

On Friday, the No. 4 men fell to No. 1 Harvard (6–0, 3–0 Ivy). While the Crimson beat the men overall 2–7, Tad Carney ’26 and Brian Leonard ’24 won their individual matches 3–0 and 3–1 respectively. The rest of the team fought hard, with Max Forster ’25, Arav Bhagwati ’26 and Eric Kim ’23 losing their matches with a close score of 2–3. 

“To start off the season against Harvard was always going to be really tough,” Forster said. “There were some really close matches in there and it was very unfortunate that we didn’t come out on top, but there is a lot we can take away from this and learn since there is a long season ahead. I’m sure we will play them again during the national championship and I’m sure we will take what we have learned and change the result next time.” 

The No. 5 women had a hard fight, but the team ultimately fell 0–9 to No. 2 Harvard (4–1, 3–0 Ivy). The Crimson are on a four-game winning streak and have not lost yet this season. 

Both Meghna Sreedhar ’25 and Mika Bardin ’26 had very close matches with a final score of 2–3. 

“There are a lot of positive takeaways from this weekend.” Bardin wrote to the News. “I’m proud of the ways in which we adapted to our last-minute lineup change due to some injuries on the team.” 

On Sunday, the men rallied to sweep No. 10 Dartmouth (4–4, 0–2 Ivy) in Hanover. The men’s team has only lost to the Big Green once, with 16 total wins over Dartmouth since they first matched up in 2011. The Bulldogs have a home record of 8–0 and an away record of 6–1. 

The women beat No. 10 Dartmouth (4–4, 0–2 Ivy) 8–1 at the Berry Squash Courts this past Sunday. The women haven’t fallen to the Big Green since 2011, with 13 total wins and zero losses.  

“I think everyone stepped up to the plate in our matches against Harvard and Dartmouth, giving us all the opportunity to learn something from these past matches,” Bardin wrote. “I feel confident that we are all coming into this weekend’s matches against Cornell and Columbia with a better understanding of our strengths as individual competitors as well as the depth we hold in our roster.”

Looking ahead, the Bulldogs will continue Ivy play against Columbia University and Cornell University.

The Blue and White will host the men’s (1–4, 0–2 Ivy) and women’s (2–3, 1–1 Ivy) Columbia squash teams on Saturday. Cornell’s men’s (5–2, 1–2 Ivy) and women’s (5–1, 2–1 Ivy) teams will travel to play on Sunday at the Brady Squash Center. 

“This week is all about working on being confident on court and trusting in our ability to put the ball where it needs to go,” Elisabeth Ross ’24 told the News. “Going into this weekend we are really focused on the basics, such as getting the ball deep and wide, and making sure our foundations are strong going into a tough weekend of competition.”

The Brady Squash Center is located on the fourth floor of Yale’s Payne Whitney Gymnasium.

Betsy Good is an editor for the sports desk. As a staff writer, she covered the women's field hockey, men's and women's squash and men's baseball teams for the sports desk. She is a junior in Pierson College from Cincinnati, Ohio, majoring in History.