Lily Dorstewitz, Staff Photographer

The quest for the Tyng Cup is back in full swing, with all 14 residential colleges competing in six fall intramural sports. 

The intramural season was kicked off on Sept. 12. Spikeball, soccer, flag football and cornhole were held outdoors, while pickleball and table tennis took place indoors. Each of these sports will eventually contribute to the The Tyng Cup, a gift from Yale alumni George Addee, Sheldon Rose and Malcolm Aldrich. The Cup is awarded to the college that accumulates the greatest number of IM points by the end of the year.

“The indoor sports went off without a hitch, however the four outdoor sports faced a huge number of complications due to weather,” said Aviv Pinker ’25, a Trumbull College IM secretary.

The fall IM season saw the postponement of several soccer games due to rain. Another common issue preventing play was that of forfeits, which generally took place when colleges could not bring enough participants to a particular event.

Trumbull IM secretary George Lan ’24 was particularly concerned by forfeits, explaining that it can get frustrating for colleges looking forward to competing in the sports.

“Forfeits definitely play a part in the huge discrepancy between colleges at the top and the bottom,” Lan said. “In fact, bringing enough participants can be especially difficult for the smaller colleges.”

Lan also found that many of the games did not have enough referees. Among those who did show up, Lan noted that only a few were well-experienced with the sports they were supervising, which made it challenging for secretaries to navigate through. IM leadership is working to improve this for the following seasons.

IM leadership has also helped organize a new event ahead of the Game this Saturday. 

“The soccer champions — Grace Hopper — and the flag football champions — Morse — will face off against their Harvard counterparts a day before the much awaited Harvard-Yale Game,” Pinker told the News.

Atin Narain ’26 believes IM sports are a great way for him to contribute to his residential college, Berkeley.

“Participating in these events brings with them a strong sense of belonging and college spirit,” Narain told the News. 

He is also excited about meeting and interacting with other students in his residential college through these sports.

“The winter intramural season, which is coming up soon, will feature basketball, and several other sports, which are yet to be determined,” Lan told the News.

Details regarding the use of certain facilities are still being worked out by the team, but should be confirmed shortly, following which students can begin signing up again.

“I encourage everyone to stay tuned for communication from your college’s IM secretaries and follow your college’s Instagram accounts,” Pinker said. “Anyone who hasn’t tried IMs yet should definitely do so next season!”

Pauli Murray College currently leads the rankings for the Tying Cup.