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Are you sick of mediocre man sex? In love with your econ TF? Worried corona has killed your love life? You’re in luck! WKND’s own anonymous love guru is here with a new biweekly column to answer your questions about all things sex, romance, and relationships at Yale. Whether you’re pining over your ex or fed up with a clingy FWB, she’s probably been in your shoes before and is ready to help. Don’t be shy: submit your questions here.

“How do I know whether or not it’s worth hooking up with an old fling again? I don’t want to waste any more time than I already have (he’s not worth it), but it would be fun and I’m curious to see where it goes this time around (like … what if he is worth it …?).

Sincerely, a girl trying to make the most of post-pandemic life in this sea of disappointing men.”

Don’t. He’s never worth it.

“I met my boyfriend during the fall semester so we’re long-distance now. However, I think I could like another boy I met in a spring sem class. What should I do?”

I’m no English major, but I think a close reading of this question is in order.

I think I could like

This suggests that you don’t actually like this boy (at least not yet) but you could be open to developing feelings for him. Unless he’s a literal Greek god (which I doubt he is since he’s a man at Yale), he’s probably not worth leaving your boyfriend for. Also, honey, why are you thinking about other potential lovers when you’re in a relationship? I get it, sometimes the Zoom light hits just right and a guy who’d probably be a 5 in person is suddenly an 8 in remote school. Recognizing that someone is cute while you’re in a relationship is harmless, but the fact that you’re open to liking someone new suggests to me that you’re not satisfied in your current relationship. Maybe you’re like me and you live for the chase — are you just bored with your boyfriend and need someone new to pursue? Is your long-distance relationship not meeting your needs?

To make your life easier, I’ve come up with a flowchart to guide your decision-making:

Louie Lu, Production and Design Editor

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