Yale Daily News Podcasts · Native Students Speak on Fall Semester and its Significance

The end of the fall semester usually presents difficulties for many students, ranging from finals season to coordinating flights home, and the pandemic has only exacerbated this stress. But for Native students, the season is a harsh reminder of the discomfort and erasure of Indigenous narratives that are deeply painful and traumatizing. Three Native students discuss the ways they’ve found comfort in their community at Yale, as well as the different areas where students and the administration can do better.

Guests: Meghan Gupta, Lex Schultz, and Evan Roberts
Producers: Simi Olurin, Allison Cho, Alyssa Michel, and Christion Zappley
Music: Blue Dot Sessions

Simi Olurin currently serves as editor of the Yale Daily News Podcast Desk. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, she is a double major in Political Science and Film & Media Studies.