Moving into college is always a time for self exploration and redefinition, as first years learn to navigate their new-found independence upon the backdrop of a novel environment. But this year, after being enthusiastically welcomed home and ushered into their new suites, first-years were immediately instructed not to leave. In lieu of the typical move-in chaos — rich with back-to-back events, frenetic networking and overly-sentimental family members sticking around far too long — the class of 2024 was granted their first glimpse into Yale through a windowpane. While forced to linger in limbo as they waited for their negative test results to return, first-years have taken advantage of the time to reflect, gradually adjust, and gain more insight into their goals for the upcoming year. In the face of extreme uncertainty regarding what the year holds in store, the class of 2024 has approached this new experience with enthusiasm and excitement.

This episode was produced by Mina Caraccio. Special thanks to Tarel Dennie, Peter Li, Mahesh Agarwal, Anjali Gupta, and Ryan Bose-Roy from the class of 2024 for sharing their insights. Cover art by Zawar Ahmed.

Behind the Mask · Welcome home, Class of 2024! Now, don’t leave your room.