It was the most stressful moment of my short-lived Yale career. I, Chloe Adda ’22, could not figure out how to connect a wireless microphone to the stage speakers in Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall for the life of me. Normally, in predicaments like these, I am pretty level-headed. This particular night, however, was different — it was the night of the Yale College Council’s Fall Comedy Show. The Events Committee had been preparing for this night for over a month, all to be potentially ruined by a single wireless microphone. It was for this reason that I, alongside two other girls from the committee and the current Yale College Council Events Director Caleigh Propes ’20, found ourselves frantically searching the stage for some way to hook up the microphone to the speakers.

This was my first real taste of the unpredictability and stress that comes along with serving on the YCC Events Committee. At the same time, I also received my first taste of the thrill and excitement that comes along with executing events well. When we were finally able to solve the microphone dilemma, there was a feeling of accomplishment that I couldn’t quite explain. It was in this moment that I had my first real desire to play a greater role in YCC Events.

Months later, I sat down to speak with Propes and asked her how I could become a Deputy Director. Fortunately, she gave me the opportunity to fill this role — through serving as one of the four YCC Events Deputy Directors this year, I was able to learn about both the internal organization of YCC Events and the hard work that goes into being the YCC Events Director. As a Deputy Director, I began to slowly formulate my own opinions and visions for what I hoped to improve and change. For instance, I developed more of a passion for student wellness and listening to student voices, both of which I incorporated into new events. I quickly found that I wasn’t the only one who had these ideas — it turned out that my fellow Deputy Director, Nicole Zhen ’22, did as well.

Zhen is a fellow first year in Silliman College who, like me, is passionate about YCC Events. We both have the same goals and visions for the organization, not only in terms of student wellness and student voices but also for more creative branding, promotion and merchandise for Spring Fling.

Due to our similar goals and aspirations, Zhen and I had initially discussed running a co-campaign for the position of YCC Events Director. Through conversations with the current YCC Events Director, we quickly realized that the responsibilities that are required of the job are too much for any one person, as it demands about 40 hours a week. However, due to campaigning guidelines, we were unable to launch a co-campaign together. It is for this reason that if I am elected, I plan on making Nicole Zhen my co-director. We both believe that transparency is key in the election process, and want to be transparent about our intentions.

YCC Events is an organization that has taken up the better portion of my first year at Yale. It is for this reason that I am passionate about doing everything that I can to ensure that the internal organization of both the Spring Fling and Events Committees runs smoothly. By nominating a co-director to work alongside me, I believe that both committees will be better able to execute events desired by the student body and allow for a greater diversity of student voices to be heard, considering that there will be two chairs advocating on behalf of the student body as opposed to just one. My greatest goal for YCC Events next year is to do everything within my power to make sure that my platform is executed to the best of my capacity. I want students to be able to participate in events that they not only enjoy, but that bring them closer together with one another. It is for all of these reasons that I am running for YCC Events Director, and hope to gain your vote.

Chloe Adda is a first year in Morse College. She is running to be Yale College Council Events Director.Contact her at .