Over $73,000 worth of valuable items were stolen from a car on Wednesday, after a valet service parked the car in a lot near the Yale New Haven Hospital, according to the New Haven Police Department.

The victim, 38-year-old Ramzi Musallam — a visitor from Dupont, Pennsylvania — told the police he left his red Cadillac with the Towne Park Valet Service at 904 Howard Ave. on Feb. 20. A day after parking the car, Musallam reported that several of the items in his vehicle had been stolen, including golden religious items, house keys, checks from Summerset Bank, a black HP computer, a black PlayStation, a black, wheeled Samsonite suitcase containing church documents and an iPad, police said. Nine thousand dollars in cash, a First National Bank credit card, a Summerset Trust credit card and a Visa Platinum credit card were also stolen, Musallam told police.

Musallam informed the NHPD that he had locked the glove compartment before handing over the car and that the thief missed the $30,000 worth of jewels he had left in the trunk of the car.

The Towne Park Valet Service employees on duty at the parking lot on Friday evening declined to comment on the robbery.

Detectives from the department’s Bureau of Identification responded by processing the car for fingerprint evidence. As of Friday, the police investigation had not yielded any conclusive results, the NHPD said.

Christina Carrafiell | christina.carrafiell@yale.edu