A former teaching fellow and doctoral fellow at Yale became on Wednesday the first known reporter to defy a White House prohibition on streaming audio from press briefings.

Ksenija Pavlovic, founder of the news site Pavlovic Today, tweeted multiple links to audio recordings of the White House press briefing, lasting 17 and 31 minutes each. Since June 29, President Donald Trump’s administration has forbid journalists from filming or recording these briefings.

According to her personal website, Pavlovic was a fellow of the Research and Travel Award in Grand Strategy from International Security Studies in 2012.

Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Lynn Cooley confirmed that Pavlovic was at Yale as a Visiting Assistant in Research in political science from spring 2012 through spring 2013, and served as a teaching fellow for two courses.

“Pavlovic served as a Visiting Assistant in Research at the Political Science department at the Order, Conflict and Violence Program, a Teaching Fellow at both undergraduate and graduate levels and Research Consultant at Yale University,” her website reads.

She also helped teach an online version of Ian Shapiro’s Moral Foundations of Politics course in 2014 and served as a teaching fellow for “The Hero in the Ancient Near East” in 2012 and for a course about American Christianity at the Yale Divinity School in 2013. She was a graduate student instructor in the Yale Young Global Scholars Program for two summers and also served as the head writing fellow at the Yale Graduate Writing Center.

Elena Kallestinova, director of the Graduate Writing Laboratory, said Pavlovic joined the Center as a McDougal Writing Fellow in January of 2012 and continued working through May 2013.

Pavlovic, who was born in former Yugoslavia, holds degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Belgrade.