Tyler Bleuel ’19, a veteran member of the Yale College Council’s Events Committee, is running uncontested for the position of YCC events director.

Bleuel, a cognitive science major, told the News that as events director, he hopes to involve more students and campus groups in the committee’s work, as well as secure more funding for Spring Fling, which he would oversee.

Currently, Bleuel serves as a deputy director of the Events Committee, as well as a member of the Spring Fling Committee. As a member of the latter, Bleuel said that he read all 1,470 Spring Fling survey responses to understand what type of experience students wanted. He added that he intends to send out a similar official student survey through the YCC system about Yale events in general to learn more about student ideas for the events.

The Stamford native said he joined the Events Committee during his freshman year because he saw it as an opportunity to get involved with campus life, meet a wide range of students and organize popular events.

“My friends know me as a guy who carries around chocolate chips, so if I see someone having a bad day, I’ll get them some chocolate,” he said. “I just like making people happy.”

Bleuel also received ringing endorsements from his predecessors.

Lauren Sapienza ’18, the events director for the YCC, said she believed Bleuel would be “incredible” in the role and that she was looking forward to seeing what he will bring to campus. Amour Alexandre ’17, a former YCC events director, said she knew that Bleuel would make a “phenomenal” events director ever since he first joined the committee.

“He took the initiative to meet with me outside of Events Committee meetings and was so open to helping in any way necessary,” Alexandre said. “He is always looking to make others happy and feel welcome, which is definitely what we need with the addition of Murray and Franklin colleges.”

With the student body’s expansion next fall, Bleuel also hopes to expand the scope and frequency of YCC events. Among the new traditions he hopes to start is a “Weekend on Whitney” program next fall, working to draw students to shops along Whitney Avenue. Bleuel said he also wants to expose Yale students to New Haven writers in a monthly “Literary Happy Hour,” and involve student groups in events like a “Fitness Friday,” during which various sports teams on campus would lead a workout.

Bleuel added that to secure more funding for events such as Spring Fling, he intends to start charging graduate students for entry to the annual concert. The money for the event currently comes from the Student Activities Fee, which asks undergraduates to pay $125 per year. He said that while the YCC believes in keeping the event free for undergraduates, unlike the practice of Yale’s peer schools, he believes it is reasonable to either ask Graduate School administrators to allocate money toward Spring Fling or to start charging graduate students between $10 and $20.

“Something we found last year is that we’ve had roughly 7,000 people at Spring Fling, and we believe 2,000 of those were grad students,” he said. “While we’re happy to have grad students, if they’re going to be 25 percent of the attendees, they should be paying something.”

Bleuel is a member of Branford College.