Aymir Holland has been released on bail after spending more than a year in prison. The 17-year-old New Haven resident was arrested in November 2015 for allegedly assaulting 79-year-old Yale professor Charles Hill.

Holland was unable to make his $250,000 bail while awaiting trial at the Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire. Last week, a judge authorized an approximately 10 percent cash alternative for Holland, lowering the fee he had to pay to $20,000, according to Brett Davidson ’16, executive director of the Connecticut Bail Fund — an organization that helped fund Holland’s bail.

Holland was released Monday night at approximately 8 p.m. Lt. Keith Grandy at MYI confirmed Monday night that the teenager had been released.

His bailout comes a month after the state Superior Court ruled Holland would be tried as an adult for his alleged participation in the assault. Supporters of Holland, including his mother Latoya Willis, have advocated that Holland’s trial be moved to juvenile court since his arrest. They also insist that the teenager did not partake in the actual assault, and instead merely stood by and watched while the two other young men, who also face criminal charges, robbed Hill.

“The system doesn’t honor the presumption of innocence, which is particularly egregious when you’re dealing with a kid,” said Davidson.

Davidson said the fund does not post bond over $5,000 because of the high number of individuals with bonds under $5,000 who need assistance. However, New Haven philanthropist Wendy Hamilton donated the remaining $15,000 needed to release Holland.

In an email to New Haven community members, prominent city activist Catherine John said Holland’s story is “far from over,” but that his bailout represented good news in terms of mass incarceration matters.