Elm City residents and Yale students attempting to vote on Tuesday morning have encountered wait times upwards of an hour at the Hall of Records, located at 200 Orange St.

The polling location covers Yale students in the residential colleges Jonathan Edwards, Branford and Saybrook as well as Rosenfeld Hall and Old Campus.

The main voting line snaked through the corridors of the Halls of Records, along Orange Street and around the corner to Elm Street. A second line, designated for “temporary residents” such as Yale students, was a fraction of the length of the main line, but the wait time was just as long. Voters in both lines experienced a roughly 90 minute wait.

“At first I was like, ‘Yes I get to cut everyone,’ but then I realized that physically it’s shorter, but temporally it’s a lot longer,” Andrew Ruys-de Perez ’19 said.

As the wait approached the two hour mark, several students began to voice their impatience.

One of those students, Beah Jacobson ’17, was missing class to vote.

“There’s a definite sense of communal suffering for the greater good,” she said.

One New Haven resident, who said she had waited in line for an hour and a half, said she had a sunburn from standing on the sidewalk outside the building.

In the Hall of Records’ ground floor Hearing Room, where voting took place, eight volunteers helped voters sign in. There were only five ballot booths.