Fraternities Chi Psi and Fence Club have found new homes for their members — one by choice and the other out of obligation.

Chi Psi, the University’s newest all-male fraternity, has moved a five-minute walk closer to campus with its relocation to 85 Bristol St., a block away from Yale Health. Members opted to move there and end their lease for 48 Dixwell Ave. — where incomplete renovations forced them to live on Winchester Avenue in Science Park last year — after remodeling did not appear to be on track for completion this fall.

“We made an executive decision based on the progress they made over the school year,” house resident and Chi Psi member Brady Currey ’17 said. “We thought it would be smarter and safer to make this right call.”

Also this summer, the co-ed Fence Club, which is not affiliated with the University, relocated from 15 High St. to 401 Crown St. for the year. The club did so after its landlords, brothers and developers Josef and Jacob Feldman, opted not to renew Fence’s lease, according to July and August emails from the club’s leaders to members that were obtained by the News.

The new house has five singles and one double for seven people, as opposed to seven singles in the old house, said member Eugenia Zhukovsky ’18, who will be sharing a room in the new house.

Elsewhere in the Elm City, the Feldmans are working on a new 300-unit, fully furnished apartment complex targeting Yale international students and young professionals.

The Feldmans and the Fence Club presidents did not respond to requests for comment.

Chi Psi’s recently renovated home on Bristol Street, just a few minutes away from the new residential colleges, is the first in the neighborhood to be occupied by Yale undergraduates, Currey said. While searching for houses in the area, realtors told him that they were looking to raise rental prices in the area in anticipation of the new colleges, he added.

When Chi Psi lived 10 minutes walk from campus, the fraternity hosted many of its activities in spaces near campus, said member Eduardo Macias ’18. He added that he is not sure what role the new house, with its closer location, will play in the brotherhood.

Former Yale College Council Michael Herbert ’16 re-established Yale’s Chi Psi chapter in 2013.