Despite fierce reactions to the recently announced naming decisions, the Yale Corporation focused on other items during its final meeting of the academic year.

The 17 members of the Corporation gathered for their fifth scheduled meeting over commencement weekend. Since they last met in April, hundreds of students and faculty have asked the Corporation to reconsider their decision to maintain the namesake of Calhoun College. Though its retention has sparked a variety of reactions from the Yale community, Vice President for Communications Eileen O’Connor said naming was not a primary topic of discussion during the Corporation’s commencement meeting.

“The Corporation has many agenda items they need to deal with at the end of the year that involve running the University,” O’Connor said. “Of course what is happening on campus is always important to them, but it was not a major focus given the other essential responsibilities they had to deal with.”

On April 28, Salovey held a naming town hall open to the entire Yale community, during which many students decried the retention of Calhoun College and establishment of Benjamin Franklin College. Salovey told the News that his office provided trustees with video clips and a summary of the town hall prior to the commencement meeting. However, he declined to comment on the body’s agenda or deliberations, citing their confidential nature.

The Corporation finalized the naming decisions during its April meeting and will next gather in October.