Courtesy of Y Fashion House

Style enthusiasts gathered on Cross Campus last Thursday to celebrate the launch of Y Fashion House’s new editorial blog.

Featuring subsidized crêpes from Crêpes Choupette, a photo campaign, a raffle for free designer merchandise and stickers emblazoned with the group’s logo, the event represented Y Fashion House’s expanded efforts to create an on-campus hub for students interested in fashion, organizers said. Thursday’s festivities have helped attract, they added, at least 3,000 additional page views to the recently re-launched site.

“The blog is intended to inspire an ongoing fascination with the art of fashion, and an interactive conversation within the student body on the development of our personal relations to our dress,” Hazen Mayo ’19, a member of Y Fashion House’s publicity team, said.

Mayo also noted that she hopes the new editorial blog will establish a stronger recognition of fashion as an art form on campus.

Celine Tien ’17, Y Fashion House’s co-president, said she thinks the blog is a manifestation of the organization’s original mission: to expand students’ perception of what fashion is and can be.

“For me, fashion represents a source of empowerment and creates a platform to explore art and design in both mundane and abstract contexts,” Tien said.

Members said Y Fashion House’s expansion to an online platform represents an effort to create increased awareness and a more sustained campus presence for the organization, which, co-president Ermal Hajrizi ’17 added, is growing extremely quickly.

“Along with expanding the blog, we have some major things planned for the upcoming semester that will give more Yalies the opportunity to get involved in the fashion scene on campus,” Hajrizi said.

Since Y Fashion House’s debut runway show in February, Hajrizi explained, much of the organization’s work has been conducted behind the scenes and involved planning new projects, like the launch of its new blog.

Kate Swanson ’19, editorial executive of the Y Fashion House blog, said she hopes to curate a website that appeals to readers from different backgrounds.

“We want to translate the fact that the fashion industry is endlessly diverse,” she said. “We want to write about fashion from movies to street fashion; emerging markets to industry competition.”

This diversity of content, she adds, stems from the diversity of Y Fashion House’s writers, who cover a range of perspectives on fashion, including through “international and religious lenses.”

Attendees at the Y Fashion Cross Campus gathering said they enjoyed the relaxed educational atmosphere of the event.

“The YFH event was an awesome way to relax, eat some solid crêpes, and learn about the flyest new organization at Yale,” attendee Chadd Cosse ’17 said.

Y Fashion House accepts submissions from any student interested in contributing content to the blog.