A second Yale College student has been tested for bacterial meningitis, according to a Tuesday email to the Yale community from Director of Yale Health Paul Genecin. The message came four days after Genecin notified the University that the Silliman freshman who in February contracted the rare serogroup B strain of the disease was recently re-hospitalized in another state. That student, Genevan said, is recovering.

The second student fell ill and was tested for meningitis during the spring recess, which began on March 11. Although the student was tested for meningitis, test results proved inconclusive, and additional testing is currently taking place to determine whether the student’s illness is caused by meningococcal bacteria. Genecin added that the second ill student has recovered, and that Yale Health is currently working to provide preventative treatment to those who have had close contact with the student.

In the email, Genecin said that Connecticut state law requires that students in residential settings receive vaccinations against meningococcal disease. He added that although the majority of Yale students receive a vaccination that does not protect against the serogroup B strain, a vaccination against this strain is available at Yale Health to those aged between 18 and 25 years and is covered for those with Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty coverage.

The Yale Health hotline established to answer questions about meningitis continues to operate. The hotline is staffed by medical professionals and can be reached at 866-924-9253.