Abdallah Kamel, chief executive of a banking and real estate company based in Saudi Arabia, donated $10 million to the Yale Law School to create a center for the study of Islamic Law and Civilization, YLS Dean Robert Post and University President Peter Salovey announced Thursday.

The center, named after the donor, will bring scholars of Islam to campus for lectures, seminar discussions, visiting professorships and fellowships. It comes three years after the beginning of a “very successful” lecture series at the law school, which Kamel also sponsored, according to Sterling professor and former Dean of Yale Law School Anthony Kronman.

Kronman, who will serve as one of the co-directors of the center, said the plan is to build up “layer by layer” over the next couple of years. The roster is already set for the continuation of the lecture series, and the center’s first resident fellow will arrive later this fall. The center will also provide support for research, and possibly even travel, Kronman said, adding that he hopes to bring in a visiting professor in the field of Islamic law within the next few years as well.

“We’re taking this step by step — it will require some time and a lot of thought to put a program this ambitious, this complex into motion,” Kronman said. “The hope is that by the end of this year, several major components of the program will be in place and others will follow in short order.”

Kronman also noted that the center will have reach far beyond just the law school, extending throughout the University to cater to any interested students. Harvard Law School has had an Islamic Legal Studies Program since 1991 — but Kronman explained that Yale is hardly playing catch up.

“Every program that is established, every initiative at the Yale Law School is undertaken with the ambition to be the very best in the world,” Kronman said. “We mean for this program to be a model in that regard as well.”

Yale Law School professor emeritus Owen Fiss, who will serve as the center’s other co-director, could not be reached for comment Thursday evening.

In a statement released on the law school website, Salovey said the opening of the center is a step forward at the law school and beyond. Yale College students interviewed who said they are interested in attending law school expressed excitement about the donation and the upcoming center. Margaret Moor ’18 said she strongly supports the purpose of the donation.

“I’m excited that Yale is taking the initiative to establish such a center and am interested to see how it develops over time,” she said. “And I think it is absolutely necessary given the changing relationship between the United States and states in the Middle East.”

Matt Kemp LAW ’15 said he thinks the center will be a great addition to the curriculum. However, he added that people he talked to during his time at the law school did not express a particular interest in Islamic law. Still, Kemp said he predicts it will increase in popularity once the center is opened.

Sarah Esty LAW ’16 said the new center seems like an exciting way for students to gain access to a wide variety of speakers, research positions and off-campus travel opportunities to learn more about a region that is critical to national security while also having a rich history of its own.

“So I think the gift couldn’t have come at a better time, and I’m excited about the opportunity to see where this goes as the center is developed,” Esty said.

Kamel has an estimated net worth of $19.8 billion.

  • http://pislamonauseacentral.tumblr.com Dr. Pepe ✅

    So Yale will now adopt the Wahhabi doctrine on law?

    • Love MachineArmada

      I believe it’s called Dingle Berry Law

  • normsnow

    Why would any place of higher education have any interest in preaching shariah law ? You know what – 10 mm is not really that much either. I wish Yale had rejected this.

  • Milly Landers

    Yale University is naive, misinformed, uneducated regarding this ‘gift’. KSA buys their public profile. The United State of America is a democracy. The United States of America does not need to be educated in Islamic Law. Why didn’t Yale University just say ‘thanks, no thanks’! Greed!

    • Ronnie

      Dangle a carrot and they jump like Monkeys and even ask “how high ?

  • malavita

    get Islam out of America before it will be too late.

    • Ronnie

      I say Amen to that my dear.

  • NobodySpecial

    I didn’t know that Yale was a religious school.

    • ldffly

      Well, it is, or at least it was prior to Pres. Levin. It’s just that it was Protestant/Calvinist. Clearly not Islamic.

  • Tom Brody

    What is next? A Center for the Study and Application of Nazi Law at Yale University? Or a Program for Applied Voodoo Practice at Yale University? Or a Curriculum for Advanced Child Sacrifice Rituals, at Yale University? My father, who got his medical degree from Yale Medical school in 1960, would not be pleased.

    • Love MachineArmada

      Lucy Jugotsum beheading two do

  • Nagy Bertalan


  • David Howard

    Never forget? You already have. 9-11.

    • Love MachineArmada

      its not enough, they want a 9-11 to the 10th, and the infedels are complying, which truly is what it is, some people truly are infedels, so even though Islam is nothing but fiction, that part is true, that there are infedels in the world, and it’s garanteed that the only face that will be shown in this program will be a happy go lucky one, not the real one, in reality it’s no different than having nazis or communists set up shop

  • Ronnie

    Whenever these Rich fools,( IN THE MUSLIM WORLD) who still behead people like barbaric animals, whose law seeks two witnesses to Rape Victims, dangle their Carrots (money ) they know d WEST cannot resist, they’ll jump up and keep asking “how high “

  • ldffly

    In the mid 1970s, the Saudi government went to a number of American universities proposing that the universities bring their forestry expertise to bear on the Saudi’s effort to reforest parts of their country. It was a substantial project and offered a pot of money to the universities that would participate. However, there were strings. “What were they?” you ask. You guessed right. The universities could not hire Jews or women. Yale turned them down, and if I’m not mistaken, so did every other American university. What in this world has happened in the meantime? Yale needed money back then, but not now. Yale back then had more character.

  • Arman

    Really, sharia law? Are you kidding me? I was reared in that evil cult called islam (small “i” intentional) and know, more than anyone at Yale Law School, the ideology/religion, culture and languages (native Arabic) … so YLS, do the right thing as Mayor Giuliani did when he rejected the same $10 mil. amount from some Saudi prince shortly after 9/11. That “rag head” basically said that it is America’s arrogant policies that caused the 9/11 attacks! All but 2/3 of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis! Did YLS folks forgot? What the hell are you going to study in Sharia? If you don’t know, it is already practiced by the so called islamic (small “I” intentional) state and is exactly as the quran and hadith directed. NEVER forget 9/11!

  • Arman

    Abdullah Kamel should take that $10 mil. and build a camp in some muslim country to host all these refugees escaping sharia to Christian countries!

  • psalm83kjv

    Saleh Abdullah Kamel was a founding member and shareholder of the Al Shamal Islamic Bank, a Muslim bank in the Sudan that was originally established by Osama bin Laden to fund jihadi fighters around the globe. Saleh is the Chairman of the Al Baraka Islamic Bank (a.k.a. Al Baraka Investment & Development), a group named in a lawsuit put forward by families of victims of the 9/11 attacks.

  • viking116


  • rogerthatokay

    Liberals love fascism:

    3/8/10 Daily Telegraph: Sharia courts in Britain have already judged that a man may have up to four wives at any one time; that a wife has no property rights in the event of divorce; that a woman may not leave her home without her husband’s consent; and that a woman cannot marry without the presence and permission of a male guardian.

  • alexandra

    why would you want to support sharia law anywhere in a civilized society?! a law that defends domestic abuse against women & children, arranged marriages, being stoned to death, believing being gay is against the law & punishable by imprisonment, torture & death, etc….???!!!!! this reminds me of reading in the history books about the rise of hitler & all that hate being made legit by new laws. keep sharia law where it belongs- in the desert caves with the neanderthal & his sheep.