Classical music enthusiasts from across the world will now have greater access to the talent housed within the Yale School of Music.

Q2 Music, a webstream of New York classical music radio station WQXR, which is solely dedicated to contemporary classical music, has agreed to air recordings of School of Music concerts in an effort to expose listeners to the work of faculty composers and graduate students in the school’s composition program. Archival audio from certain concerts by Q2 Music began in late August. Q2 Music managing producer Alex Ambrose said a second phase of the partnership will be announced near the end of October, but he declined to provide further details.

“It was a really fantastic idea that Alex Ambrose had because it really allows what we do to get archived and become accessible to anybody who’s interested in looking up,” said faculty composer Hannah Lash.

The collaboration focuses on New Music New Haven, a series of concerts that feature the work of music school graduate students along with that of faculty and other living composers.

Lash, who directs New Music New Haven alongside faculty composer Chris Theofanidis MUS ’97, said the partnership seeks to make all New Music New Haven concerts available to the public.

Current Q2 Music episodes cover several New Music New Haven concerts, such as the opening show of the series’s 2012–13 season, Theofanidis’s “Allegory of the Cave,” in conjunction with works by Daniel Schlosberg ’10 MUS ’14, Paul Kerekes MUS ’14, Stephen Feigenbaum ’11 MUS ’13, William Gardiner MUS ’15 and Polina Nazaykinskaya MUS ’13.

Ambrose said that for the featured composers and musicians, the opportunity to be heard on Q2 Music allows them to be a part of a broader community of listeners that are enthusiasts of new and innovative music.

According to Ambrose, he first brought up the idea of working with Q2 to Theofanidis, whose works are often played on Q2 Music, and whom Ambrose had known through Theofanidis’s work with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.

Lash said she recalled the conversation to set up the partnership beginning as far back as 2013.

Martin Bresnick, who directs the School of Music’s composition program, said the school became interested in pursuing the partnership in part due to the superior recording capabilities of Sprague Hall, where the New Music New Haven concerts are held. Bresnick noted that the collaboration allowed Q2 Music to present music of the highest digital quality to a wider community located beyond New Haven.

Ambrose said the Q2 Music audience is a geographically and professionally diverse group of listeners who look to stay abreast of new music releases and discover unfamiliar music.

“[They] care deeply about the future of classical music,” Ambrose said.

Currently, 13 episodes of the collaboration, spanning performances from 2012 to 2014, can be accessed on Q2 Music’s webpage.