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Updated: 10:37 p.m.

Sarah Insley will be the new dean of Branford College, Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway announced Wednesday.

Roughly one month ago, the Branford community learned that the college’s former dean, Hilary Fink, would leave Yale for the University of Massachusetts come fall. Branford Master Elizabeth Bradley chaired a committee of Branford fellows and students to name Fink’s successor.

In his announcement, Holloway enumerated several of Insley’s academic achievements and lauded her for “her intellectual curiosity, her energy and especially for the warm and thoughtful support she provides to her students.”

Insley has been employed by both Harvard and Brown, where she worked both in academic administration and in teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She did her own undergraduate work at the Catholic University of America, where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Greek and Latin and in Medieval Studies. She also earned a Ph.D. in Classics (Byzantine Greek) from Harvard, and has been the recipient of several competitive academic fellowships.

Both Holloway and Bradley are confident Insley will fill the role with ease, even as she adjusts to a new campus and University.

“She has experience with residential college systems, and I think she will adjust wonderfully,” Bradley said in an email.

In the announcement, Holloway wrote that Insley welcomes “the opportunity to move more fully into an administrative role while continuing her teaching of undergraduates.” Because residential college deans do not teach in their first year of the position, Insley’s departmental placement is not yet certain and will be worked out over the next year.

Insley, native to Ellicott City, Maryland, is also an amateur musician, both a flautist and vocalist who looks forward to participating in Yale’s lively musical communities, according to Holloway’s email. She and her husband, former professional dancer and choreographer Ozan Say, along with their two-year old Cairn Terrier, Bertie, will move into the Dean’s Suite later this month.