No place at Yale makes me quiver in my boots more than the JE Taft Library. Not that I’ve ever actually worked there: The stress that emanates from that unholy room is more than enough to keep me at bay. Not to mention the Yale-zombies who stumble back from its cubicled clutches at all hours of the night during midterm and finals seasons. I prefer to huddle in my warm room, armed with herbal tea and chocolate, and protect my sanity. (Just ignore the chainsaw in the corner…)

For the unfortunate souls struggling in Taft’s unhallowed halls, here’s my guide for Yale-zombie Protection 101:

1. Always have a stash of survival supplies. That means caffeine, water and sugar-based foods. Whatever it takes to get the blood pumping and keep you alert.

2. Stake out your territory. Use books and backpacks as solid barriers. Defend your cubicle with your life.

3. Bring your weapon of choice. This could be your mind, which is the best defense against the sleep-deprived zombie, or a particularly hefty textbook.

4. Have no fear. Zombies can smell fear.

5. Establish a safe zone. This can be a friend’s room — they can provide respite and hugs when needed. Also tea.

Good luck, study forth, and fear not!