In the early hours of Monday morning, Yale’s two senior a cappella groups — The Whiffenpoofs and Whim ‘n’ Rhythm — revealed their rosters for the upcoming year. The 28 chosen are listed below, along with the groups they sang with as underclassmen.


The Whiffenpoofs
Nick Agar-Johnson – Spizzwinks(?)
Josh Bansal – Society of Orpheus and Bacchus
Zach Blickensderfer – The Yale Alley Cats
Spencer Bokat-Lindell – Redhot & Blue
Chris Camp – The Duke’s Men
Truett Davis – The Duke’s Men
Julian Drucker – Redhot & Blue
Yan-Yang Feng – The Yale Alley Cats
Grant Fergusson – The Duke’s Men
Dayrin Jones – Mixed Company
Drew O’Donnell – Spizzwinks(?)
Chris Peters – The Duke’s Men
Christian Probst – The Duke’s Men
Ben Rosenbluth – The Baker’s Dozen

Whim ‘n Rhythm
Emma Banchoff – The New Blue
Deanna Brandell- The New Blue
Helen Caldwell – Proof of the Pudding
Lucy Fleming – Redhot and Blue
Bria Godley – The New Blue
Kateline Hullar – Something Extra
Reine Ibala – Out of the Blue
Catherine Jameson – Redhot and Blue
Charlotte Juergens- The New Blue
Atissa Ladjevardian – Redhot and Blue
Anne O’Brien – The New Blue
Natalie Punzak – Out of the Blue
Lisa Scott – Shades
Lily Shoretz – Mixed Company