After receiving four eviction notices from its landlord in less than three months, The 9th Note, a jazz bar and restaurant, is fighting to keep its spot at 56 Orange St.

The owner of The 9th Note, Chris O’Dowd, received these notices from its landlord, The Ninth Square Project Limited Partnerships. The eviction notices stated that O’Dowd failed to pay his $4,100 rent on time and that the bar plays excessively loud music, according to the New Haven Independent.

Despite these allegations, O’Dowd told the News he is confident he will be able to resolve the issue without having to vacate the spot.

He said that yesterday, Town Green District, a business improvement district, and the New Haven Office of Economic Development stepped in to mediate the conflict between The 9th Note and the landlord.

“There’s been some good ground made,” O’Dowd said. “It looks as if the city was successful, and we’re going to work together [to] work everything out.”

The Town Green District and the New Haven Office of Economic Development could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

The last of the four eviction notices, which was sent to him last week, cited the excessive noise of the establishment as a violation of the lease agreement, O’Dowd said. However, he noted that The 9th Note has passed all of the decibel level checks run by the health department. In addition, he said that neither the property manager nor the concierge of the nearby apartment buildings had received noise complaints.

O’Dowd added that he plans to cut noise levels by hiring a sound engineer to make recommendations for reducing noise and shifting the stage from one wall to another.

Branford, Conn. resident Lynn Alfano said that she frequents New Haven for live jazz such as the performances held at The 9th Note. She added that the establishment is integral to arts and culture in the city.

Local musician Josh Bruneau, who regularly performs at The 9th Note, concurred, adding that O’Dowd had contributed significantly to the music community.

“We would all hate to see this place go because there’s nowhere like it in Connecticut,” Bruneau said.

Alfano also said that the patrons of The 9th Note ranged from college students to older attendees.

However, Aaron Berman ’16 and Josh Isackson ’15, who visited the establishment in April, said only a relatively small number of Yale students frequent The 9th Note.

“I couldn’t imagine large groups of Yalies heading there instead of Box [63], for example,” Berman said in an email to the News Thursday. “I’ve also never heard of anyone at Yale mentioning The 9th Note as a nightlife venue.”

O’Dowd said that several Yale graduate students are frequent performers at the establishment. He also mentioned hosting a party for the Yale School of Management, as well as a December performance by a number of students in the Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective.

“Those guys are a riot,” O’Dowd said. “They pulled in a ton of Yale students.”

Alexander Dubovoy ’16, who performed at that event as part of the band Newspeak, said that The 9th Note’s combination of live jazz with a restaurant setting was optimal for a performance venue. He added that the support of local businesses like The 9th Note was helpful for raising awareness of New Haven’s jazz community, especially in the eyes of Yale students.

The 9th Note opened in March of last year.