SOTU Bowl. Welcome to Yale, where more people probably watched the State of the Union address than will watch the Super Bowl. Thanks, Obama.

Enter. Applications for the 2015 Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Fellowship are due tonight at 11:59 p.m. Please apply if you have some kind of world-changing idea — we’re getting tired of watching all these tech movies that take place at Harvard and Stanford. Put the gothic architecture on the big screen.

Escape. It may or may not be world-changing, but one startup business kicks off today with two launch parties — the first takes place at Ordinary and the second at Briq. Promoted as a “cooperative, real-life adventure space,” Escape seems unique, if nothing else.

The road more traveled. Those of us with less-than-entrepreneurial spirit might check out the SOM’s Finance Technical Interview Bootcamp this afternoon at Evans Hall. On the agenda are discussions about DCF modeling, trading and transaction comparables and the world of finance in general. Oh, and you should also expect questions on “ethics” at these things.

Three, two, one. Last night, men’s basketball guard Javier Duren ’15 was named the Ivy League Player of the Week for the third time this year after a stretch that included a double-double against Brown — the first of his Yale career.

Ruffalo ruffalo ruffalo ruffalo. A recent Yale Athletics profile on men’s hockey forward Trent Ruffalo ’15 detailed his unconventional path from the Everglades to the Elm City. And he plans to skate on: Ruffalo acknowledged aspirations to continue playing in Europe after his time at the Whale comes to an end.

Hold it. As plans to reinforce the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield train line with additional stations solidify, the state Department of Transportation broke news that might leave some uncomfortable: Many of the new stops will not feature restrooms in their facilities. Could be a long ride.

“It’s not mine, I swear.” One New Haven Police Department officer is in a tough position after some of her colleagues found stashes of crack and heroine in her car, which was being driven by her boyfriend at the time of his arrest. Police maintain the officer’s innocence, but still. Friends don’t let friends’ boyfriends drive with drugs in the trunk.   

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1985 Three separate employees of the University’s Audio Visual center allege corruption within the center’s management staff.

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