Though Yale and Princeton may be rivals on the football field, their glee clubs are ready to team up on stage this weekend.

The Yale-Princeton Joint Glee Club Concert will be held this Friday night at Woolsey Hall. For over a century, the concert has been an annual tradition for the two schools and has historically taken place the night before the Yale-Princeton football game. Lillian Xu, the president of the Princeton Glee Club, said the group has been prepared several songs specifically for this concert, including a football-inspired medley in addition to the classical works that the group performs in its regular repertoire.

“Our concerts at Yale are one of our favorite Glee traditions,” Xu said. “We’re so excited to share the stage with Yale’s Glee Club this weekend for a wonderful night of music and friendly rivalry before the game.”

Eleanor Killiam ’15, the manager of the Yale Glee Club, said the group will also perform a variety of classical and contemporary music. The Yale Glee Club’s program includes movements from Johannes Brahms’ “Requiem,” Frank Martin’s “Mass for Double Choir,” as well as several folk songs and Yale-related songs.

Rachel Protacio ’15, the president of the Yale Glee Club, said that since the Yale-Harvard football game has traditionally received more attention and publicity than the Yale-Princeton Game, the Glee Club is looking to inspire enthusiasm for this weekend’s matchup with the joint concert, which will include a number of fight songs. Potracio added that she thinks the music performed in shows like the joint glee club concert is a valuable opportunity for audiences to learn about the universities’ past as well as about the origins of the Yale-Princeton rivalry.

In addition to their formal concert program, the two glee clubs have traditionally performed musical “pranks” on each other during the show. Paul Styslinger ’17, an archivist for the Yale Glee Club, said that the Yale Glee Club’s football medley song is actually a parody of other university’s football medleys.

Protacio said that the group has two “prank chairs” who are responsible for devising the pranks for the concert. However, he declined to reveal the pranks for this year’s show. He noted that past pranks have included the use of banners displaying humorous messages as well as costumes that poked fun at rival universities.

“We value good-natured rivalry in music,” Protacio said.

The Yale-Harvard Glee Club Concert will be held next Friday at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre.