With less than two weeks until Nov. 22’s Yale-Harvard football game, a pack of Harvard students from the comedy troupe “On Harvard Time” infested campus, attempting to produce a video pranking Yalies.

Last year, the group released a video in which its members led unsuspecting visitors in fake tours around the University. This time around, Harvard students gathered on Beinecke Plaza Monday afternoon to protest Yale football and cause general confusion. The mock protest challenged the administration to divest from athletics in order to spend more money on various academic departments. The group then moved throughout campus, posing as Yale students and hosting satirical video interviews.

A Monday afternoon post in the “Overheard at Yale” Facebook group alerted Yalies to the intruders, and subsequent student comments revealed the Cantabs to be asking students if they believed Yale would win The Game and about the University’s investment into its athletic department.

Additionally, while on Cross Campus, the students carried signs with messages like “God hates sports,” drawing significant attention from passersby. Among them was YCC president Michael Herbert ’16, who approached the group on behalf of the Yale student body.

Though the Harvard students had exchanged crimson for Yale blue, Yalies were not fooled, quickly recognizing the intruders.

“[They were wearing] too much Yale gear,” Andrew Bean ’17 said, adding that it was obvious the crew did not belong in New Haven. “And a lot of giggling.”

Sorry, Harvard. You’re on our time now.