With just over a week to go until voters head to the polls, gun activists rallied in Hartford yesterday, encouraging their supporters to vote next Tuesday.

The activists are working to unseat Gov. Dannel Malloy, who signed into law one of the most restrictive gun laws in the country following the Dec. 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League hosted the conference, where Second Amendment activists — Timothy Knight from Colorado and Sean Maloney from Ohio — spoke in favor of gun rights. Although neither speaker disclosed their political affiliation, the CCDL, which is a non-partisan organization that works to protect Second Amendment rights, has endorsed Republican Tom Foley for governor.

“We endorsed [Foley] and that’s because we’re comfortable that he’s not going to sign anything that will infringe our rights further,” said Scott Wilson, the president of the CCDL.

The press conference is part of a two-day tour including radio talks and visits to firearms retailers in an effort to encourage gun enthusiasts to vote in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

The state’s expanded gun control law requires that all Connecticut residents go through a background check before purchasing a gun. It also requires ammunition purchasers to have special permits and eligibility certificates as well as a valid form of identification, in addition to limiting detachable magazines to no more than 10 rounds.

Lenny Benedetto, vice president of the CCDL, said that unless a Republican wins the election, residents will continue to have their Second Amendment rights infringed upon.

“I already know that if the state of Connecticut keeps going the way it goes, it will empower the liberals who are the gun grabbers to continue,” Benedetto said. “They will keep trying to grab pieces of our rights.”

Both speakers at yesterday’s press conference are known for their efforts to preserve gun rights across the nation.

Knight led the recall of two Colorado state senators, John Morse and Angela Giron, after they supported more stringent gun control laws last year in response to the Aurora, Colorado, shooting. Maloney, a leader at the Buckeye Firearms Association, said that he got involved with the Colorado recall because he could not stand by and watch passively as constitutional rights were curtailed.

Knight mentioned in an interview after the press conference that gun control is issue of national importance.

“What needs to happen is that politicians need to start listening to their constituents,” Knight said.

A blog post on the CCDL website yesterday stressed that Foley is the right choice for governor because unlike unaffiliated candidate Joe Visconti, Foley understands what measures he can reasonably take as governor.

Both Knight and Maloney stressed that they are in Connecticut simply to motivate people to exercise their right to vote, not to support a specific candidate.

“I’m not here to endorse the candidate one way or another. I’m just here to get like minded people to get out and vote and make a difference,” Knight said.

Knight also pointed out that often people do not vote, but then complain about decisions made by the government. He said that this contributed to why he was speaking at the rally yesterday.

Both Knight and Maloney are also running to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association.

“Whether I’m on the board or not, I’m never going to stop my fight for freedom,” Maloney said.

Foley’s campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment on his position about gun control.

The CCDL has 16,000 members.

  • MaryReilly

    The false narrative that the radicalized members of the CCDL executive board falls apart under the tiniest hint of scrutiny. The real motivation is that these individuals have come under the influence of the attorneys they have hired for their lawsuit against the state. You see, if the onerous parts of SB1160 were to be repealed as Joe Visconti proposes (and, yes, it is quite possible – to say otherwise is disingenuous at best), then – poof – there goes the cash cow these attorneys have lined up for themselves. No need for endless litigation, never-ending appeals.

    It’s very unfortunate that the CCDL membership has been so badly mislead about this. They are digging deep into their pockets to support a cause they believe strongly in, unaware that they are being taken for a ride to nowhere.

    • http://www.FUCKMALLOY.com Jake Hobart

      What was Joe going to do? wave his magic wand and make the laws go away? The legislature has to pass a bill to repeal the laws and with the democrat majority that is highly unlikely to happen.

    • Wilhelm von Mayer

      Radicalized behavior I call what Malloy did. Feel good legislation that does absolutely nothing to prevent crime, yet keeps the average low-information voter happy that something was done. I hope Malloy gets to pack and leave!

    • Chad Lariviere

      Mary Reilly, eh? Hmm.. Sounds like you’re very familiar with Mr. Visconti. Perhaps his right hand man,.. er… woman.. Let’s ask the peanut gallery.. What’s say you Mr. Chris Ford… do YOU think Ms. Reilly is close to Mr. Visconti? Yes? Why, I think you’re right. How about YOU, Mr. Palin Smith. Do you think something is a little fishy here? Yes, yes. I agree. Oh wait.. I’m talking to and about one person. One person who hides behind pseudonyms pretending to be a radical patriot, when in fact, is nothing but a self serving poop-stirring jack-a-nape.

    • USA1963

      To bad Joe Visconti’s political career crumbled into dust over the last week. Unattractive selfies and various accounts of financial improprieties have crushed whatever hopes he may have had. He should have bowed out long ago but politics is a big boys game and Mr. Visconti has had the score run up on him. No one to blame but himself.

    • John McKenzie Jr

      The likes of Chris Ford aka Mary Reilly think that making false attempts to twist the truth is as clear as the rifling of Joe Visconti’s empty chamber. Chris, with all his aliases along with Joe Visconti have never been members of the CCDL. The membership support of the CCDL and the right to bear arms in CT. is not some trophy horse to be rode nor abused for grandstanding and public self gratification.

    • EchoSix

      Pailn ~ You fail to realize that many people stopped supporting Joe, before CCDL supported Foley. Joe shot himself in the foot, a long time ago, and you’re too stubborn to listen to reason.


      Never in a million years! Not even if Foley drops out, will he win!

      So why waste the vote on him. Supporting Joe will only get malloy reelected, and even malloy knows it! Why else do you think the current governor is telling all the republicans to vote for Joe? He WANTS to spoil the vote, and it’s obvious you do too?

    • Mr. Wolf

      Mary Reilly aka Palin Smith aka Dodd Flea his real name is Chris Ford from Woodbury Ct
      Regardless, he’s Joe’s inept campaign manager snd he’s been trying to destroy CCDL in revenge for not supporting Joe, in fact there isn’t one single group in the state that supports him. Not one.
      CCDL, CT CARRY, CT OPEN CARRY, OATH KEEPERS, CEA, FIC, PARENTS AGAINST COMMON CORE, ALL CT TEA PARTY GROUPS, the list goes on and on. Joe never received a rating from the NRA either Some of the many reasons these groups would not endorse Joe are the TAX LIENS against him, 5 FAILED bussinesses, in COLLECTIONS and on goes this list too.
      Keep up with the lies Chris Ford.

    • Chris

      Speaking of false narratives! “Mary’s” post takes on a whole new meaning once you know that “Mary Reilly” is just one of the multiple personalities of Joe Visconti’s campaign adviser Chris Ford. The voices in Ford’s head have been getting louder and louder as some little sane part of his brain starts to understand that Visconti isn’t going to win this, and never was.

    • Mike Butler

      Hey Mary/Chris/Palin, your rhetoric might resonate with hard-core joebots, but it just does not bear any relationship to reality. JV can propose all he wants (under the scenario that he becomes governor, which is not happening in this universe, making it a hypothetical question), there is no way in god’s green earth that the very authors of SB-1160, the current legislature, will ever pass a bill repealing their “masterpiece” to send to any governor to sign. That’s just pure simple reality. You can trash-talk the lawsuit all you want, but the fact of life is that this strategy is the only viable mechanism to remove that law short of a heavy conservative Republican majority taking over the state house and senate (when do you predict that happening?) and a REPUBLICAN governor! (Well, the latter can be done, but JV is doing his damnedest to sabotage that from happening.)

      It is high time for JV to do the right thing and MAN UP, but he won’t, because he is a narcissistic jerk.

  • Bill

    A Letter to the Editor:

    I dispatch this missive not to see it published in the Yale Daily News, but to make you aware that you are, perhaps, another victim of the fraud perpetrated by one Chris Ford, aka Palin Smith, aka MaryReilly, aka Dodd Flea, and other pseudonyms.

    Chris sprang onto the political scene in 2007 as a TEA Party activist who championed term limits and fiscal responsibility. He accomplished much as a videographer, creating hours of video to fact-check candidates. As elections passed with no wins to “his” credit, Chris became convinced that “the establishment” was working against him and a third-party was required to restore balance to politics.

    During the hearings for what was then Senate Bill 1160, Chris initiated conversations with former TEA Party associate Joe Visconti about a potential link-up for a run at the governor’s office. Joe had experience as a politician, Chris had experience as a tactician. Together they would restore Connecticut, the Constitution State, to her former glory.

    Unfortunately, the road to the Governor’s Mansion is lined with mines. Despite a valiant effort by a dedicated corps of volunteers, Chris was never able to attract a critical-mass to Joe’s candidacy. In an effort to make small numbers appear large, Chris resorted to one of the oldest tricks in the book, one used by founding patriots but not widely recognized in its day: Chris argued with himself.

    I give him credit for trying, but readers today who are already cynical about politics find his attempt to emulate the founders disrespectful and dishonest.

    I said that “you are, perhaps, another victim of the fraud” because you may not know the comment author’s history. However, a recent comment I made revealing the charade was quickly deleted, so I began to wonder whether you knew the truth about Chris “MaryReilly” Ford, or believed that my comment was unsubstantiated and not worth your readers’ time.

    In either case, you now know the truth, which is verifiable, and if you let “MaryReilly’s” comments stand, so too should you let some of the criticisms.

    Some among you will find Connecticut a lovely place to live and will take interest in the State’s politics. I hope the integrity of the process is as dear to you as it is to us.

  • Lisa D.

    Such a shame all of it. Mary Reilly mentions Joe. Joe could have really been a contender but it looks like he took all the bad advise of Chris Ford aka Palin Smith. Now Joe doesn’t have a chance; sitting at what, 3%? A week before the Polls.

    Vote Tom Foley!

    • Mike Butler

      Mary Reilly=Chris Ford=Palin Smith. He/she is running out of aliases.

  • Mr. Wolf

    Seems like Chris Ford, aka Palin Smith, aka Mary Reilly, aka Dodd Flea has finally sunk his ship. Chris claims the moniker “Political Engineer” even prints his own “press pass” yet all he’s done to date is “engineer” Joe’s demise. The two of them have run a scorched earth campaign burning the bridges of all that had any dealings with them. Now Joe’s left on a lonely island, a victim of his own narcissism and ego, perpetuated by Chris Ford. Better hope Joe made a career deal with Malloy, he’ll need a job come November and I don’t think anyone else would hire him.

  • The_Quartermaster

    “I already know that if the state of Connecticut keeps going the way it goes, it will empower the liberals who are the gun grabbers to continue,” Benedetto said. “They will keep trying to grab pieces of our rights.” [Connecticut Oct 2014]
    Yes, grab the guns of the righteous.
    Carve out the core of the 2nd Amendment like a Halloween pumpkin.
    Until the 2nd Amendment is nothing but an empty hollow shell with an angry face.