Welcome to our little WKND chunk of cyberspace.

Don’t worry; we’re a little nervous to be here, too. We know as much about the tubes that make up the interweb as a CS major knows about Aristotle. Not that we know much about Aristotle either. But in any case, the World Wide Web is a big and freaky vacuum filled with ones and zeros, secret codes, porn, and Mark Zuckerberg. But now, it also contains the new and improved WKND blog.

Prepare yourselves: the WKND blog is about to spread its golden wings and soar into the great Internet unknown, a world of GIFs, listicles, snarky blurbs and snapshots of what interests you. We’ll review albums for you, and post pictures of Peter Salovey when we spot him at Stop and Shop. We’ll tell you where to eat and where not to eat, where to study and where to procrastinate.

But this isn’t Buzzfeed or the Yale Bubble, this isn’t you scrolling and trolling through comments on the YDN website (yes, we’ve been there too)—the WKND blog is so much more. The WKND blog is a lifestyle. We are “crafting content” and “interfacing” with you, dear reader. If you don’t understand what those words mean, that’s OK: neither does WKND.

So consider this an invitation. Have you seen something weird? Is there a freaky facet of college life that you really need to get off your chest / onto the interwebs? Are you angry about the existence of Gant: the Shirt that Dressed Yale and Jack Willis: Fabulously British? Do you bristle at the use and abuse of colons? Did you listen to an album you loved? Did you eat a thing you hated? Did you do some other activity that made you have feelings? Tell us. WKND cares. We want to dignify and elevate your fragmented thoughts and idle observations about Yale, New Haven, and just like, life, in general. We don’t just want to know, we need to know. Really. We think you’re so cool.

So readers and writers alike: let us tweet at you and speak to you, in the hustle and bustle and in the lulls, for in spite of what everyone says, every day is still —

// WKND //