Students may soon have access to borrowable phone chargers at the Bass Library Circulation Desk.

On Oct. 1, the Yale College Council announced plans to coordinate with Bass Library to add phone chargers to its circulation desk. The phone chargers would add to the desk’s arsenal of borrowable media products and computer chargers. While the YCC is still finalizing details with Bass Library Administration, it aims to invest $200 to purchase 12 charger sets to support iPhone 4s, iPhones 5 and 6 and Android platforms.

“It always happens that people forget their chargers, and there are not that many options otherwise,” said Huan Kim SOM ’15.

Anna Lu ’17, YCC’s project manager for the initiative, explained that the idea for adding chargers to the circulation desk came from a post in the Yale Facebook group, “Yale Ideas.”

Since Bass has provided computer chargers in the past, students interviewed said this was the next logical step for the circulation desk.

“I think it’s very important to have phone chargers in Bass,” said Gayatri Sabharwal ’17. “Since Bass provides computer chargers, they should add phone chargers to the list.”

Still, some students were indifferent to the prospect of new phone chargers, and commented instead on how slight a $200 expenditure seemed in comparison to YCC’s total budget. In 2013, the YCC’s “Community Fund,” which is dedicated to initiatives that improve campus life, was $23,000.

While Jonathan Chang ’17 said he does not feel a particular need for the service, he added that it might be worthwhile because it is a relatively inexpensive initiative to implement.

“If they have $200 to use, I see it as a worthwhile investment,” added Kim.

Despite a general level of support for the new chargers, students noted that the YCC should work to better include their voices in future decision-making.

After seeing students at the Yale Law School library take advantage of borrowable phone chargers, Zunaira Arshad ’17 said that Bass should provide them as well. However, Arshad added that the YCC should engage more students’ opinions in their initiatives.

“I think the best way for the YCC to go about a project would be to present it to the student body as a viable option, and reach out to them to understand students’ need for it,” she said. “The best approach for YCC as an organization is to always lay out to students what they are intending to do, and to provide a period in which they may gauge student feedback.”

Kris Todi ’17 supported the initiative, but cautioned against providing the chargers if there was not enough student demand for their use.

Still, YCC President Michael Herbert ’16 said that he did not find a survey to the student body on preferences for phone chargers necessary.

“The plan is a pretty simple fix to a problem that will make life easier for students,” he said.

Lu agreed, adding that there has been little student opposition to the plan, which had also passed unanimously through the YCC.

The Yale College Council will discuss details of the phone charger plan with Bass Library Administration today.

Both the Yale Law School and Yale School of Medicine libraries include phone chargers at their circulation desks.