Congrats, Chaucer! Celebrity-student James Franco is back, this time for a Ph.D. in English Literature. He is currently sitting in on sessions of Major English Poets. In light of this development, Chaucer is probably enjoying more popularity than he has in semesters, possibly centuries!

Put two consultants together and what do you get?  Networking! Consulting Industry Connection Night was held yesterday evening at Woolsey Hall in the President’s Room. Hopefully you steered clear.

NYT approves. The New York Times published a review of Ordinary this weekend. The review started off in typically narcissistic New Yorker-fashion with the line “Outside New York City, good bar food can be dismayingly hard to find.” However, the review was largely glowing and even ended with the inevitable pun, “extraordinary.”

Doggy brains. The Canine Cognition Center at Yale was featured in a segment on The Today Show on Tuesday. The director of the center, Laurie Santos, told Today, “We share our homes and our families with them and yet, scientifically, we don’t know that much about how dogs think.” Finn, a therapy dog who typically works in the medical library and participates at the center, was selected to go on the segment as well.

The Chrismark Castle. A lavish Gothic castle in Woodstock, Conn., has recently gone on the market for $45 million. The Chrismark Castle is an eight-bedroom home on a 75-acre estate that includes a lake. The owner, Christopher Mark, purchased the estate and began construction in 2003. Prior to putting the house up for sale, “Mark was rumored to have tried to start multiple business on the property, including a modeling business, a bed and breakfast, and a private zoo,” according to Business Insider.

Whoops. Brown dropped two spots to 16th on the U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges rankings for 2015 and plummeted from 12th to 39th in place for selectivity. Brown officials told the Brown Daily Herald these drops occurred because of an administrative oversight in which one question was accidentally left blank on the survey used by U.S. News to calculate the rankings. The survey is 550 questions long in total.

Happy birthday Dartmouth! The town of Dartmouth, Mass., celebrated its 350th birthday this past weekend with a parade, the culmination of a summer of smaller festivities.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1980 A former Yale university professor is convicted of conspiring to manufacture illegal drugs in his NYU lab.

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