On Tuesday, the second ever Yale-NUS admission cycle came to a close – 177 students were admitted, bringing the student body of the college up to 330.

The admitted students were chosen from a pool of over 12,000 applicants, with an acceptance rate of three percent.

The students hail from 35 different countries. Similarly to last year, 60 percent of the group is from Singapore. Among the international students, 10 percent are from the United States, 3 percent from India and another 3 percent from South Korea.

“[The incoming class] represents a highly talented, inspired and intellectual group of students who will become the next generation of global leaders. We are in awe of the contributions they have already made as entrepreneurs, authors, researchers, musicians, and social entrepreneurs,” Yale-NUS Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Kristin Greene said in a Tuesday press release.

Yale-NUS is planning to grow its class size to 250 students a year, over the next few years. The total expected student population at full capacity will be 1,000 students.

The campus is planning to move to its permanent location, which is still under construction, in January 2015.