Peter Mutharika LAW ’66 ’69, a two-time Yale Law School graduate, was elected president of Malawi this weekend.

Mutharika received his first law degree from University of London, but obtained a LL.M and a JSD from Yale Law School. After his education, he taught at several universities in Africa and the United States, including Washington University in St. Louis. He also served as advisor to the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law initiative for Africa.

Mutharika entered Malawian politics as foreign minister and advisor to his brother Bingu wa Mutharika, who also served as president of Malawi until he died in 2012. He was sworn in as president following a controversy over the vote count and allegations of vote-rigging, which ended when the High Court dismissed requests for a recount. He was the leader of the Democratic Progressive Party.

The Malawi presidential elections held this year had 12 candidates running for office.