For the first time in its history, Yale will have a Professor of Poetry.

To commemorate his class’s 40th reunion, CI Capital Partners founder and CEO Frederick Iseman ’74 has given $3 million to endow a namesake professorship at Yale exclusively devoted to the teaching of poetry, the New York Times reported. Iseman said in a statement that he thinks adding such a faculty position will “fill a pivotal place” in the University’s Humanities offerings.

“I wanted to put a stake in the ground to show support for the humanities at Yale,” Iseman said in a statement. “Yale has a surpassing commitment to the humanities, and I want to help that any way I can.”

The Professor of Poetry will be able to teach poetry from any literary period, covering works that were written in any of eight languages, including English, Latin and Ancient Greek, among others. Potential candidates for this position may be distinguished poets or poetry scholars.

Funding for the new faculty position came as part of a $5 million gift from Iseman. The other $2 million will be used to support the Iseman Met Opera Broadcasts program at Yale, which was established by Iseman in 2010. The funds will also renew the University’s access to Met on Demand, which currently give students free online access to all Metropolitan Opera productions.