Davenport College may be home to Yale’s best student-athletes.

In a Thursday evening e-mail to students, Davenport Master Richard Schottenfeld ’71 MED ’76 said that Davenport was awarded the Gimbel Cup for the 2013 year, which is awarded each year to the residential college with the highest overall grade point average. Davenport also captured the Sheffield Prize for highest GPA in science, math, and engineering.

While the official results of the Tyng Cup for intramural sports have not been released, Davenport IM Secretary Connor Kenaston ’14 said that his residential college has secured the prize given the current standing and the number of possible points remaining. Kenaston said the official results should be announced on  Tuesday.

“The legend has it that it’s been since George Bush played for us – way back several decades ago,” Kenaston said of Davenport’s last Tyng victory.

Last year, Davenport finished tenth in the Tyng Cup standings. All four of the Davenport IM secretaries interviewed said the college’s freshmen were crucial in the pursuit of the Tyng.

Eric Ho ’16 said that the strong showing from the freshmen was complemented by seniors and upperclassmen invested in the process.

Kenaston said Davenport intramurals gained momentum in the fall when it secured victories in both the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country. The IM secretaries interviewed stressed that Davenport captured the Tyng by excelling in a range of sports throughout the year.

“What a great year it has been in Davenport, and there are still more great things to come!” wrote Schottenfeld.

IM Secretary Claire Fitzpatrick ’15 said once the college was in contention for the Tyng Cup, the college set up a text group for the “IM all-stars” in Davenport and an e-mail chain to make sure that they had the best players playing in their sports and fielded a full team at each game. Fitzpatrick said that the Davenport Master and Dean Ryan Brasseaux GRD ’08 and Master have been sending out e-mails and recruiting teams to make sure teams are well-stocked.

“Intramurals are first and foremost about fun and creating a community where Davenporters can bond and express their Dport pride,” Kenaston said. “The entire Davenport community really got behind IM’s this year.”