YaleTube. The Yale School of Medicine has produced a music video remix of “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen” (2013). The video has entirely rewritten lyrics fitting the medical school experience. “Who knew med school could be so nice,” the song goes. It also features several dance routines as well as a number of professors including Nobel Prize-winning professor James Rothman.

The never-ending comedy routine. The Viola Question held a half-day marathon on Cross Campus Saturday from noon until midnight. For 12 consecutive hours, the members of the improv-comedy group performed on the lawn. “It’s a ridiculous theatrical attempt to avoid going crazy while doing improv for 12 consecutive hours,” said Viola Question Director Anya Richkind ’16.

A birthday weekend. The Yale Club of Boston threw a birthday party in honor of Elihu Yale’s 365th birthday on Saturday. Yale College was named after Elihu Yale, a governor of the British East India Company, in 1718 after he gave a donation to the college.

The sound of the Yale School of Music. The Yale School of Music’s video “Why Music?” has won two Internet Advertising Competition Awards — Best Education Online Video and Best Music Online Video — in a competition from the Web Marketing Association. The video, described as an overture to the Yale School of Music, was meant to celebrate the school’s mission of cultivating and sharing music and was written, directed and scored by students and alumni. The soundtrack was composed by Emmy-winning alumnus Garth Neustadter MUS ’12.

Divestment protest continues. Student members of Fossil Free Yale stood outside Woodbridge Hall this weekend as part of a protest asking the Yale Corporation to divest. The protesters wore business attire and held signs such as “Please engage. It’s all the rage.”

The lineup, revisited. Student DJs for Spring Fling have been announced and the list is: Kyle Parsard ’16, Nick Mars ’16, Thomas Rokholt ’14 and “La Vie en Twerk.”

Spring wardrobe. Official Spring Fling merchandise has also gone on sale. The T-shirts, which come in teal and white, say “Express Yourself.” Now students can express themselves by wearing the same T-shirt as their peers!

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1959 Morse and Ezra Stiles are announced as the names of the two new residential colleges. The new college masters are also announced — English professor Richard Sewall and biology professor Ernest Pollard.

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