Dear readers,

For months, we up in the lounge have been working on a new and exciting project that we believe will combine all the best elements of Arts & Living supplements past (After Hours, scene, and that other iteration whose name we’ve never bothered to look up). Starting with this Friday’s issue, the Yale Daily News’ Arts & Living supplement will cease to be WEEKEND as you know it—instead, it will be a product more daring and relevant than anything you’ve ever “scene” before (see what we did there?).

Welcome to the age of scened: a B section for the Buzzfeed generation (that’s us)!

The most immediately apparent change will be the elimination of our usual Cover stories. They are really long (sometimes 3500 words, ugh why) and almost always involve reporting/strenuous editing sessions/time away from Olivia Pope. Neither we nor our reporters nor you, dear readers, have the time for that. Instead we’d like to introduce a range of engaging listicles and quizzes (Look out for “Which Residential College Dining Hall Swipe Person Are You?” and “Which Entryway Should You Actually Live In?”).

Moreover, in place of our current print format, we plan to distribute content entirely online. No longer will you have to wait to read WEEKEND on the weekend, instead scened will follow you everywhere—in section, during parties and in the middle of the night (literally follow you—but don’t worry, we’re really fun, trust). Merely subscribe to our panlist and eagerly await your next curated selection of gifs, humorous fonts and potential news stories (it’s up for you to research the stories). Pretty soon, getting scened will amount to more social capital than an Andrew Goble photo.

We want to thank mom and dad, our friends and mini-fridge for their support during this time of transition. Please tweet at us (@ydnscened) if you have any questions or concerns.



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Correction, April 2: 

Happy April Fool’s Day.