Go Greenly, the frozen yogurt shop located on Whitney Avenue, has officially launched delivery and catering for their business.

Although the store only opened last spring, the owner decided to spearhead these new operations to spur business. Store Manager Julia Granitz will lead the new catering department, which will offer a $4 per person package that includes four flavors of frozen yogurt, eight toppings, and two sauces, on top of a $20 delivery charge.

“Our healthy, all-organic yogurt travels well,” Elliott Detchon ’67 said in a statement. “We pack it so it can be delivered and enjoyed pretty much anywhere in the central New Haven area.”

As a part of the catering operation, Granitz added that customers can hire Go Greenly employees to set up and serve frozen yogurt for large events and gatherings in the city. Yale students and Elm City residents can also purchase 32-ounce freezable containers of yogurt through the store.

In addition to frozen yogurt, Go Greenly offers a selection of smoothies and bubble tea.

The company currently has seven locations in the tri-state area and plans to open up a new store on Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale, New York soon.