From the highest mountaintops. The organizers for graduate student life at the McDougal Center spiced up their regular happy hour with an “on the road” version up on Science Hill. The affair, held in the lobby of Kline Biology Tower last night, was titled HHH (Happy Hour on Science Hill). No word on how many attendees made it back down the hill.

Bestseller. Ryan Greenwood, the current Rare Book Fellow at the Yale Law School Library, was featured in the “Bright Young Librarians” series in the Fine Books & Collections Magazine. In the piece, he reveals that one of the favorite rare works he has handled is a tiny manuscript of the Magna Carta. Greenwood also said that he collects bookseller catalogs, a sort of “meta-collecting.”

Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest. Yale is playing host to a symposium entitled “Performance and the Sea” this weekend, an affair sponsored by the Whitney Humanities Center and Interdisciplinary Performance Studies at Yale. The event will feature scholars conducting research on marine painting, sailor songs, shipboard theatricals, vernacular port performance and other specific, sea-related forms of expression.

Congratulations? Selections for freshman counselors are being released around noon today. The results follow an intensive interview process that included soul-searching questions such as: What do you do if a freshman calls you in the middle of the night? (Turn your phone off?)

Ce n’est pas a typical game night. Reynolds Fine Art has organized a “Surrealist Game Night” for the Arts On9 festival. The affair has been advertised as a “handful of games that will stimulate your unconscious mind.”

Endless winter. The International Festival of Arts and Ideas decided to begin advertising for this summer’s festival by sticking a countdown clipboard in the snow on the New Haven Green that most recently read “100 Days to June 14.” Here’s hoping the snow has melted by then…

A sit-down interview. The Columbia Spectator recently printed a fictional interview with a sculptural bench on their campus — a marble bench in front of Columbia’s Barnard Hall which carries the inscription “Stupid people shouldn’t breed” and “It’s crucial to have an active fantasy life.”

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1980 The Connecticut state legislature reconsiders the drinking age.

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