For couples or individuals who sought a tamer yet intimate way to spend their Valentine’s Day, Date Night — an event organized by the Yale College Council and the Communication and Consent Educator (CCE) — would have been the perfect event.

But after the event, which was held in Silliman dining hall and attracted approximately 170 out of 250 registrants, the project was in debt, according to Eli Feldman ’16, a CCE who organized the event. In a Feb. 18 email to those who registered but failed to show up, Feldman explained the situation:

“Because it was a capped event, we paid for the food for each individual spot, so every person that didn’t show up cost us $13,” Feldman said in the email. He asked each student to send him his or her student ID number, so that he could charge the student with one meal swipe or guest swipe. Admittedly, Feldman told the News Saturday that he “didn’t anticipate many no-shows… [and] didn’t think [he] needed a plan for that.”

Since 70 to 80 registrants did not show up, Feldman and the CCEs owed the Silliman dining hall at least 900 dollars. Though he has not received payment from everyone he asked, he said on Saturday that he is close to the end of his collection of the money. Plus, he said the Silliman dining hall is generous and willing to take a “small hit” in finances.

Although Feldman is still unsure as to whether or not there will be another Date Night, he is certain that he or whoever else plans the event will have to use a different sign up system, perhaps one that sells tickets for the same amount of money as a meal swipe.

Feldman said he would personally like to plan a repeat Date Night, an event that he sees as “good for campus culture.”

“The reason I did this event was because a lot of people expressed interest,” Feldman said, adding that students told him they wanted an event focused on romance, intimacy, and dating. He thought the event was a success since a good number of students attended and gave him positive feedback.

Feldman is one of 44 CCEs, who cosponsored the event with the Yale College Council.