On Sunday night, Whim ‘n Rhythm, Yale’s all-senior, all-female a cappella group selected its newest class. Current Business Manager Mary Bolt ’14 said that the number of students who auditioned this year is the highest in the group’s 34-year history. The 14 lucky juniors who made the cut are listed below with their current a cappella or musical groups.
Keren Abreu – Shades
Emefa Agawu – Redhot & Blue
Tiffany Chen – Something Extra
Leah Chernoff – The New Blue
Caroline Diehl – The New Blue
Zina Ellis – Something Extra
Lindsay Falkenberg – Shades
Victoria Hall-Palerm – The New Blue
Moriah Rahamim – Mixed Company
Caroline Rouse – Mixed Company
Joyce Shi – Mixed Company
Molly Sinnott – Something Extra
Kate Taylor-Mighty – Out of the Blue
Hannah Untereiner – Tangled Up in Blue