Bananagrams. The Facebook group “Princeton Bananas” popped up last week, featuring regular posts of rather unflattering photos of Princeton students eating bananas. “This insurgency was built to instigate drastic change in our gustatory habits,” the page says. “We will not stop until every Princeton student decides to eat their bananas with fork and knife lest they be captured on camera.” One submission for example is captioned, “A tender lip-lock with this golden glory.”

There’s always money in the banana stand. Meanwhile at Brown, a new Twitter account titled Brown Bananas @brown_bananas_ is posting pictures of students enjoying the fruit.

They’re elite and they don’t eat meat. In other news on the dietary habits of Ivy League students, the Ivy League Vegan Conference 2014 was held this past weekend at Princeton, presumably so that Ivy League vegans could support fellow Ivy League vegans in attending Ivy League schools while being vegan?

Posterchild? Stefan Palios ’14, former co-president of Athletes and Allies, went on Fox CT this week to talk about his experiences as an openly gay athlete. The piece related to the recent coming out of defensive end Michael Sam, who is a top NFL draft prospect from the University of Missouri. Palios talked about his experiences revealing his sexuality to his teammates on the track and field team.

Cheap date idea. The Film Study Center is hosting a preview screening of “Winter’s Tale,” a romantic film starring Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Jessica Brown Findlay. The film opens on Valentine’s Day and the plot is based on a 1983 book about a thief that falls in love with a girl dying of tuberculosis. “This is not a true story. It’s a love story,” the film’s advertisements read.

Not a cheap date. As part of a citywide promotion, the “Elm City Elf” is giving out goodies. Most recently, local resident Steve Mark won the raffle where entrants were asked which New Haven restaurant they found most romantic.

Burn Book(er). After the announcement of the Class Day speaker, Nick Defiesta ’14 tweeted “Immediate reactions to @JohnKerry as Class Day speaker have ranged from “meh” to “Awesome!” to “at least he’s better than @CoryBooker” He was surprised to find a minute later, Cory Booker tweeted back, “Ouch.”

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1960 Sterling Memorial Library tests out 35 experimental carrel desks which provide greater division and privacy for students studying.

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