Over break, we were worried that the polar vortex would all but subsume our lovely campus. The Yale Instagram account showed beautiful, but frightening, images of gothic architecture surrounded by pale, imposing white. The WEEKEND Lounge, resting as a celestial point on the top floor of 202 York St., was left to battle the elements.

Yanan shivered in Canada. Elaina wondered whether the South had lost its welcoming warmth. It was 75 degrees and sunny in L.A., but Jackson saw “Frozen” and sympathized.

WEEKEND was not made for the bleak midwinter. We live on energy, on enthusiasm. These become scarce resources when the sun sets early and your breath creates fog on your walk to class. We send our reporters into the field, tell them to frolic in the meadow, but, over break, we worried that everything green would be replaced by icy wastes.

Maybe it was global warming, maybe it was the heat generated by 6,000 young intellects (it was probably global warming), but when we got to campus, things were already beginning to thaw. You can see grass, however mushy, peeking through the mud along cross campus. We have yet to experience temperatures below freezing.

But when those temperatures arrive, WEEKEND will continue in its duty as an outpost against the cold. We will publish features and covers that break through preconceived notions about campus life, our administration and New Haven. We will look for the stories that matter, and for the writing that moves. Nothing is frozen in place.

We’ve worked hard to get here. Leaping from our perch in the fall, we’ve gotten to know an incredible staff of reporters, new and old, who have brought us some of the best work we’ve read. Thanks to the photo, copy and production and design sides of our team, we made deadline in record time. Things so far have been very, very high bless.

But there is much more of winter to come. We have months until Spring Break. Another cataclysmic weather event — a vortex, winter storm Nemo or attack from a Disney Ice Princess — could sweep in at any moment. Don’t sell your winter coat, because the snow won’t melt all at once.

We have faith, though, that eventually spring will follow winter, and summer will follow spring. Before you know it, you’ll trade shopping period for reading week; the harried frown of someone begging to get into a seminar room for the slurred grin of someone trying to get into the front row at Spring Fling.

But let’s stay in the moment. The next issue — the next cover, the next great piece — is only a week away. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. There is work to do, and we are here to do it.

Visit us in the WEEKEND Lounge sometime. We know it’s cold outside, but it won’t always be.