Five days after the University shut down the course shopping website Yale Bluebook Plus, since renamed CourseTable, the sites founders are in talks with the University to restore the site.

“[We] are now in contact and cooperating with the Yale administration,” site founders, owners and brother Peter Xu ’14 and Harry Yu ’14 wrote on the website Thursday evening. “We believe that they have good intentions, and are in talks to restore the service.”

In the statement, Xu and Yu further said that while they believe the University typically supports innovation, administrators “panicked a little” in their quick shutdown of the site over the weekend. Had the administrators spoken with Xu and Yu at the start of the semester, the statement read, the shutdown that left a slew of students without their course lists would not have occurred.

The brothers also said that their experience during the past week should serve as a lesson to other universities, which they urged to be less cautious about innovation not explicitly sanctioned by university administrations. Furthermore, they added that Yale should make greater efforts to take students into consideration when making decisions about technology on campus.

“If Faced with aging IT systems and slow-moving IT departments, students will take the charge to make their own lives easier,” the statement said. “Our anecdote can warn other universities about what not to do.”

On Wednesday, Yale College Dean Mary Miller said that innovation should not serve as an excuse for individuals to use Yale resources without the proper licensing.

Thus far, no timeline has been announced for when the website might be restored.