Achieving near-Godlike status. Professor Robert “Nobel Prize” J. Shiller has scrawled his name into the pages of history the way an eager seminar hopeful might march to the front of the class and explicitly chalk his name onto the class roster. If the Year of Shiller has given you an appetite for more Shiller, the economics all-star will be reprising his Nobel Prize lecture from the Stockholm ceremonies last month at an SOM event Thursday afternoon.

Wherefore art thou professor Kastan? Professor David Kastan has completed the English academic’s pilgrimage to Mecca as he is currently at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Kastan is speaking at the English-nerd heaven for a one-time presentation on the “‘completeness’ of Shakespeare’s complete works.” All the world’s your stage!

Yale for kids. According to a few creative headlines, a couple hundred elementary school kids are now honorary Elis. “300 young local students received letters of acceptance this week to Yale,” Fox Connecticut reported, referring to a short-term relocation of Peck Place School classes to Yale West Campus due to flooding and asbestos in the original classrooms. The move has temporarily made Yale West Campus an elementary school version of Andover.

Parks & Recreation pretty much has it right about local politics. Recently, only two people met at Jojo’s Coffee Roasters to determine the Democratic candidate for the aldermanic representative for the Hill neighborhood, according to the New Haven Register. Kenneth Reveiz and JeQueena Foreman decided on Foreman for the job. The endorsement was due by 4 p.m. Wednesday and it was submitted at 3:52 p.m. making this event the gut class of political processes.

Spy days are over. In a recent paper in the Yale Law Journal, security researcher Ashkan Soltani discussed how technology has reduced barriers to surveillance. For example, tracking a person using cell phone data is over 50 times cheaper than an in-person pursuit and following a suspect using a GPS device is 28 times cheaper than assigning officers to follow him. In other words, CSI is about to get much more technical and boring.

Deadline or die. 47.6% of juniors and seniors, and 38% percent of all students have missed a preregistration deadline that they were interested in according to a January YCC report. No one is sure whether to blame the administration or general undergraduate stupidity.

Weekend shopping. Chain boutique L’Occitane en Provence has its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday in the Chapel Street Historic District.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1951 Freshman are given the ability to choose their own residential colleges. The college quickly splinters into cliques of popular residential colleges and unpopular ones.

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