Class at elementary school Peck Place will soon be moved to Yale New Haven West Campus to allow professionals to remove asbestos that was discovered in the elementary school’s flooring tiles by the JMB Environmental Consulting NATA accredited lab in Sydney, according to district officials.

Peck Place School in Orange, CT has been closed this week after a pipe burst on Tuesday caused severe flooding. Soon after, asbestos was detected in the glue that holds together the floor tiles.

In a letter addressed to the Peck Place Community on Friday, Superintendent Lynn McCullin announced that the Board of Education had authorized Peck’s move to Yale West Campus in Orange.

“The move will happen as soon as possible,” McCullin wrote. She added that contractual details still must be finalized and that the space must be reconfigured from office cubicles into a classroom.

In her letter, McCullin explained that the Board started looking for potential temporary spaces – including local congregations and close schools in other districts –  on Wednesday. They ultimately settled on Yale’s West campus because it met a set of criteria the Board had established, such as being large enough to house the entire student body and having safety features such as fire alarms and phone services.

The abatement of Peck Place is scheduled to start on Monday.

A previous version of this post incorrectly referred to Peck Place Elementary School as “Pike’s Place.”