Yesterday’s bomb threats that spurred the evacuation of four buildings on Harvard’s campus were linked today to Harvard student Eldo Kim.

According to federal prosecutors, the 20-year-old Kim issued the threats in order to get out of taking a final exam Monday morning. Emails written by Kim from an anonymous Internet address were sent to campus police, two Harvard University officials and the president of the Harvard Crimson newspaper warning of multiple bombs placed throughout the campus.

Of the four buildings evacuated, one was a freshman dorm and the other three contained classrooms where exams were being held. Until the search for the supposed “shrapnel bombs” was lifted, multiple exams were postponed and daily routine on campus was disrupted for much of the day. Kim himself was seated for his 9 a.m. exam Monday morning when he heard the alarms sound.

Kim was held overnight on federal bomb hoax charges and was arrested today.

An undergraduate research assistant for Harvard’s Institute for Quantitive Social Science, Kim is scheduled to appear in US District Court tomorrow.