For the first time in three years, an undergraduate has been dismissed from Harvard College according to the Harvard Crimson.

According to Michael Smith, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, who announced the decision at a Dec. 3 meeting, the student had engaged in multiple incidents of serious and unwanted sexual contact, in serious violation of the Faculty’s sexual assault and misconduct policies. As a result, the Faculty council voted 12-2 in favor of the students’ dismissal.

At Harvard, serious cases of student misconduct are first heard by the Administrative Board, which decides on whether or not to require the student to withdraw from the college before making its recommendations to the Faculty council. Dismissed students, according to the Harvard College Handbook for Students, may return to the College only if the Faculty council votes to allow it — a move that is rarely made. Undergraduates who are expelled by the Faculty can never be readmitted as a student.

Though dismissals are usually in response to offenses such as rape and assault, in 2010, the last dismissed student from Harvard was charged with hacking into the online accounts of his teachers in his courses.

Yale’s most recent sexual misconduct report, released on July 31 of this year, described 61 allegations of sexual offenses – the largest number of complaints since the University’s first report was issued in 2011. Following the report’s release, many students and members of the Yale community said they were dissatisfied with the University’s insufficient punishments, specifically that none of which were expulsions.