Fewer than 30 lucky people work for Snapchat, which Google and Facebook recently offered billions of dollars to acquire. And Chloe Drimal ’13 is one of them.

Most recently, Business Insider named her “The Luckiest College Graduate Of 2013” for snagging the job straight out of graduation.

“It’s safe to assume she’s the luckiest college graduate in the world, regardless of whether or not she has stock options,” the article said. “Being a part of a company with growth like Snapchat’s is a once in a lifetime opportunity and she’ll learn more there than probably anywhere else.”

Drimal first heard of Snapchat on the patio of Box 63, she wrote in a Yale Daily News column last December.  At first, she thought the app was “stupid” but soon found herself sending multiple snaps a day. On the same day that Drimal’s column appeared in the Yale Daily News, it was picked up by Business Insider, and Drimal caught the eye of Snapchat cofounder and CEO Evan Spiegel.

In her column, Drimal gave high praise to the social media app. She applauded its founders for putting a time limit on a picture message, thereby bringing human interaction back to a truer form: memories as opposed to something tangible.

“Because of Snapchat, we feel more connected to the girls and guys we used to know solely in terms of bars and fraternities,” she wrote. “We know who has a lot of work and who doesn’t. We know who is hung over and who is on a walk of shame. Best of all, we can see it. We see the aftermath of that looming senior thesis or that Zeta late night.

Drimal was hired one month after graduation and now works on the business development and content team.