Into the woods… A spectacular party held this Saturday at Sage Hall featured students in elegant and extraordinary handmade attire. In the grand tradition of creative costumes upheld by students of the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, attendees dressed up as a variety of fauna including elephants, pandas, penguins and even a lure fish in honor of the theme “Dia de los Quercus” or “Day of the Oaks.”. Pop culture costumes included animal rapper mash-up such as Nelly Fish, MC Hammerhead and Pony Pony Pony. Then, at the stroke of midnight, everybody performed Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Centerfold. The men of Ezra Stiles college have the rare opportunity to have their photographs hung up in countless dorm room walls as part of the 2014 Men of Stiles Calendar. Students were encouraged to sign up individually or as a group along with a submission of what month they feel they would be. In 2011, the calendar featured half-naked students decked in ivy.

Sex and God at Yale. A Peer Liaison discussion hosted by the Chaplain’s Office and the Office of LGBTQ Resources on Tuesday was titled “The Holy and the Hookup.”

Meanwhile, at the movies… David Blight, director of the Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition at Yale University, appreciated the film ‘12 Years a Slave’ according to his recent interview with NPR. “I liked the film very much … slavery is only rarely ever depicted effectively in Hollywood pictures,” he said. “This film stays quite loyal to the narrative itself. It’s accurate in that sense. I also found the acting terrific.” Slavery is a story that needs to be continually told in American culture so that it is not forgotten, Blight said.

Goodbye and thanks for the $250 million dollars! Yesterday was Elihu Day, an occasion organized by the Office of Development where students write cards and record messages for the generous alumni that keep this school’s coffers filled. Ironically, Yale’s original donor, Elihu Yale, gave merely “nine bales of goods, some books, and a portrait of King George I” to the school according to the Office of Development.

Checkmate. Matthew Schneider DIV ’12 has won the coveted prize of all those who consider themselves witty and well-read: The New Yorker’s caption contest. Schneider’s winning caption, which accompanied a cartoon of two cowboys sitting atop large knight pieces from chess from Oct. 14, read: “I suggest that you slowly back up two paces and take one step to the side.”

This day in Yale history 1968 A burglary takes places at the offices of the Yale Glee Club. A large number of tickets for the Yale-Princeton a cappella concert are stolen. The question on everybody’s mind is not who stol e the tickets but why anybody would steal a large number of Glee Club concert tickets?