Friday, October 11

Afternoon Tea. Yale British Art Center // 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dat inaugural oolong.

Symposia. Various classrooms // 1-3:30 p.m. Some of Yale’s best professors will be putting on lectures for alumni. Time to learn who were the section assholes of the 1950s.

All that Is Yale. Woolsey Hall or the University’s YouTube channel // 8 p.m. A musical celebration of our grand old university. We are everywhere the light touches.

The Welcome Center Beinecke Library // 8:30-7 p.m. Come pick up your highly exclusive inauguration welcome packet, if you have one that is.

For your friday, WEEKEND recommends:

Celebratory tees. Two months from now the kid next to you in the gym will know you saw our 23rd President as he was sworn in.

Inventing new positions on the administration. Deputy undersecretary to the office of the college dean’s STEM advisor is a real thing, right?

Pretending to be in that lost old rich alumni’s a cappella group/frat/secret society. First he’ll be asking how to get to Woolsey Hall. Then he’ll be bankrolling your latest start-up!

The inaugural mace. It’s 47”, any questions?


Saturday, October 12

Canine kick-off. Cross Campus // 10 a.m. In which Handsome Dan XVII cedes his blue-studded collar to Portia Salovey, First Dog of Yale.

Cocktails & Dinner. Beinecke Plaza // 6 p.m. They tell us this “festive gathering” is invitation-only, but we’re all about breaking down barriers.

Grove Street Cemetery tours. 277 Grove St. // Hourly from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Dead Shall Be Raised, and so shall your spirits!

Inaugural Ball. Old Campus // 9 p.m. “See you at the after-party!” he said with a wink.

For your Saturday, WEEKEND recommends:

Facial Responsibility. “Although I loved my mustache, it was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain. I hope to regrow the mustache in Fiscal Year 2012,” Salovey told the News in 2009.

Emotional Intelligence. Karma’s a bitch and our new president knows it.

The Inauguration 15. “Cupcakes will be served.”

DFMO. Because anything more than that just wouldn’t be classy.


Sunday, October 13

Procession. From Yale Law School to Woolsey Hall // 1 p.m. Pres. Petey! Mighty is he! President to be. Strong as ten regular men, definitely!

Block Party. Hillhouse Ave. // 3 – 5 p.m. Party with the masses, because everyone is invited.

For your Sunday, WEEKEND recommends:

Pomp and circumstance. The music, the processions, the needless enthusiasm — it’s not something we always get to enjoy.

Keeping it real. Retreat from the celebrations for a while to get a little quiet time. WEEKEND hears East Rock is stunning right now.