Watch your back. Today is Friday the 13th, so, according to popular lore, any number of unlucky things may strike or fall upon you. Be careful. You never know what’s waiting around the corner.

Around the world. Scores of Yalies descended upon the Greenberg Center on Thursday night to meet the 18 members of the 2013 class of World Fellows, mid-career professionals who will be on campus this semester and hail from around the globe. This year’s fellows include a human rights lawyer from Israel, a managing editor of The Economist Group, an Egyptian diplomat to the Syrian Opposition and the vice president of a Chinese nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poverty, among many others.

Election news, continued. Two days after accepting that he will not be the next mayor of New Haven, Hillhouse High School Principle Kermit Carolina is preparing to endorse one of the two remaining candidates from Tuesday’s primary: Toni Harp ARC ’78 or Justin Elicker FES ’10 SOM ’10. Carolina won 8.1 percent of the vote on Tuesday.

No scruff September? True Blood star Joe Manganiello shaved his signature beard last week in preparation for his upcoming role in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” which begins previews at the Yale Repertory Theatre on September 20. The production runs through October 20, so you have about one month to spot him around campus and catch a glimpse of his smooth face yourself. Just try not to faint.

Discounts galore. Textbook shopping have you running low on money? The annual “College Night on Broadway” event will take place tonight along the shopping strip on Broadway. There will be free giveaways, T-shirts, a photobooth, palm readings and fortune telling.

Evaluating HBS. A recent New York Times article examined the effects of targeted “gender makeover” efforts at Harvard Business School to promote female success and attract women professors, including attempts to “close the grade gap” — the grade differences between male and female students.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1946 Today marks the first day that University maids will no longer make students’ dormitory beds in the morning. According to a Yale official, the “crisis” started after the University installed new bunk beds that were too high for the maids to reach. Still, maids will continue to dust and clean students’ rooms every day.