Two days after accepting that he will not be the next mayor of New Haven, Hillhouse High School Principle Kermit Carolina is preparing to suggest who, if not him, is best suited for the job.

Carolina said Thursday that he plans to announce whether he will endorse one of the two remaining candidates from Tuesday’s primary, Toni Harp ARC ’78 and Justin Elicker FES ’10 SOM ’10, on Monday. The former candidate gave little indication of which challenger he is likely to throw his support behind, if he endorses anyone at all.

The former candidate said he planned to meet with his campaign team over the weekend to determine who to support.

Having won 8.1 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s democratic primary, Carolina’s endorsement will directly impact relatively few Elm City voters, who will choose between Harp and Elicker on November 5. Nevertheless, Carolina has significant sway in the city’s African-American community, and his endorsement is likely to influence the choices of the city’s 18,300 Independents and 2,500 Republicans.

It could also alter how supporters of former candidate Henry Fernandez LAW ’94, who conceded Tuesday evening, vote. Fernandez received 18 percent of Tuesday’s vote.